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Meet your webmaster

Meet your neighborhood webmaster...


This website is brought to you by John Scott- also known as Johnny Bongo to his friends, or JB for short.

JB is also the president of the Ancient Riders Motorcycle Association, a father of six, and an avid technophile who has been active in the Maine pagan commuity for almost two decades. He lives in West Gardiner with his beautiful wife Ginger, and likes to tinker with web design in his spare time.

Also an avid scuba diver, JB maintains another website called Maine SCUBA that is all about scuba diving here in the great state of Maine.

JB also has a blog, (if you are into such things) that you can find here.

He also apparently likes to talk about himself in the 3rd person.

No idea what is up with that.


If you would like to contact JB, you can click here to send an email, or you can click here to use our contact form.


Blesed Be.

This page last updated: Thursday, October 26, 2017