Ballast Tanks

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
The first detail of my ballast tank design, with final capacity calculations complete. The only remainng detail to determine is the requred capacity of the high pressure air cannisters I will use to hold the ballast tank air when the tanks are flooded.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Final drawing of the day, with much more detail on the dimensions etc of the ballast tanks, and taking into account the diver lockout hatch. I needed each of the 8 tanks to be at least 63 cubic feet, and this design accomplishes this, with plenty of room to spare. Most (6) of the tanks have a full 6 cubic feet of extra space. This means that I will have the ability to take on more than 2,400 lbs of extra sea water if I need it for ballast - beyond what my spec. would call for.
The first sketch of the ballast tanks today, incorporating the new hull design.. I have added two feet to the overall height of the sub, which adds 2 feet to the height of each tank, following a pontoon type, or catamaran design, with each ballast tank being 4' deep.

April & May, 2011
Starting to think about the ballast tanks, how they will be configured and where they will be. Definitely going to use sea water for ballast.
This is how I plan to lay out the ballast tanks. Each tank will have it's own pump and compressed air tank to add/remove air/water from the tanks. With not only Bow and Aft tanks, but also Port and Starboard Forward quarter tanks, and Port and Starboard Aft quarter tanks, I will be able to trim the vessle any way I need to.
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