Design Considerations

Thursday, September 8, 2011
This is a detail of the interior supports I have designed. These will be the main supports that compose the super-structure of the sub. Note there are ample conduit holes for cabling and plumbing, etc. Also, there are built in floor supports that will form the floor of the sub.

The updated design is more of a traditional cylider in shape. It will be close to 25' long and 8' in diameter, with two external 'pontoon' shaped ballast tanks positioned below to increase overall freeboard.

The first thing I had to think about of course, was design. What kind of sub did I want to build? How big? What did I want it to be able to do? I came up with the following lists:

Must Have:

  • Gas or Diesel engine for surface travel
  • Electric motors for submerged travel
  • View ports (as large as possible)
  • Room to carry 1-2 crew and 4-6 passengers
  • A diver lock-out chamber to exit/enter the sub at will
  • A system to pressurize the lock-out chamber to any desired pressure to simulate any depth.

Want To Have:

  • Some sort of Head (bathroom)
  • Some sort of Galley (kitchenette - mini fridge, microwave, etc)
  • A remote controlled ROV with camera and lights..
  • Air scrubbing system to increase bottom time

All of this will contribute of course to the issue of size. In my preliminary sketches - using graph paper for scale - it is looking like I can fit all of my needs into a submarine approx. 20 feet long by approx. 10 feet wide, and approx 8 feet high. It will be an elongated rectangle in shape, providing maximum space inside.



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