The Benefits of Joining the Deep Seeker Team..

First of all, I should be absolutely up-front about this. There will be NO MONETARY PAYBACK OR REWARD FOR DONATING TO THE DEEP SEEKER PROJECT! What you will get is a sense of satisfaction from contributing to this amazing endeavor, and the joy of being able to claim that YOU are a member of the Deep Seeker Team!

There is one thing I can offer you in return for your donation however...

For anyone who donates either:

  • $500.00 (minimum - U.S.) ~OR~
  • 40 hours of time

You will recieve a LIFETIME FREE PASS aboard any dive charter trip on the Deep Seeker (space available)**. Yes, that's right - LIFETIME. That means that for as long as you live, you will be able to accompany the Deep Seeker crew on any dive charter FREE OF CHARGE**.


Donate Money
Donate Time
Would you like to become a member of the Deep Seeker Project? The largest hurdle we face is funding. Nothing can happen until the funds are there for work-space and materials.
If you can't donate money, you can donate your time! There is lots of work to be done!
Soon there will be
a PayPal button here...
Click Here to go to our Contact Form. Detail for us how much time you have, and when you would like to start!



**("space available" will be defined as any empty seats left after all paying customers have purchased their slots for any particular charter on the Deep Seeker.)
This page was last updated: 10/07/2011