Online Resources

Various website that I have found helpful...
This page contains downloadable PDF's of all the ABS regulations as they pertian to shipbuilding, which covers submarines. An absolute must read for anyone planning to build thier own ship or submersible.
The definitive work on submarines and submersibles from Frank R. Busby, United States Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. Downloadable in a variety of formats including PDF and Kindle.
One of the first books ever written about submarines, and still full of sound science and good advice. Also downloadable in a variety of formats including PDF and Kindle.
Amazingly complete and detailed website of a submarine project in progress. Lots of great ideas and solutions.
An organization specifically for folks like me who are building their own submarine.
A good discussion on the relative strengths of Aluminium -vs-Steel
A good explanation of the different choices in submarine propulsion - plus a lot of other good info.
A good supply of industrial strength hatches and waterproof doors - complete with plans and diagrams.
A resource for information about submarine propulsion systems
A good spource of custom material and good information about plexiglass and plastic sheet for wide-view port holes.


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