Material Considerations

The first real decision I had to make was what material to use. Steel -vs- Aluminium? One of the considerations for me was the ultimate depth I wanted my sub to be able to acheive. My target is to be able to safely decend to 1,000 feet to start, although I believe if I build it out of the right materials this could be just a starting point. We will see as the project develops.

So what to use?

For strength, my first and most obvious choice was steel plate. The problem is that steel plate is unbelievably heavy, and can be close to impossible to deal with in any size without cranes and such. As this will be a home project, that might be a real issue.

This leaves me with Aluminium. Pound for pound stronger than steel - and lighter in the same thinknesses, but is more prone to warping when being welded, and being softer, can present it's own challenges.

I am still making the final decision - one that will probably be driven as much by cost as by anyhing else. I will let you know as soon as I have a final decision.


This page was last updated: 10/07/2011