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Welcome to Maine SCUBA - formerly known as "The Maine SCUBA Network"

We recently had our domain name stolen out from under us, and have been forced to change our URL. As a result we are now known as simply "Maine SCUBA" (http://maine-scuba.com)


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I was in the Florida Keys in October and had an opportunity to dive the USNS Vandenberg. You can click here to visit my own page all about my dive experience on the Vandenberg.

  Visit the Certification Page to learn all about getting certified, or achieving that next level of scuba certification.
  Now you can see the coastal Maine marine forcast - updated every day, and available right here!
On the Message Board, you can hook up with fellow divers from around Maine - plan group dives, share good dive spots and have fun!
There are useful links and information about SCUBA diving in Maine on our Links page.
  You can also check out local Maine water tempretures, or look at the Tidal Charts for Maine and New Hampshire.


Mainiac Divers SCUBA Club

Maine-iac Divers is a vibrant and thriving group of scuba divers from central and southern Maine. You can visit our hompage by clicking here, or you can join our Yahoo group by clicking here!


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