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If you are interested in exploring the coastline or lakes of the Maine, the first thing you must do is to get your SCUBA certification. This is an important and necessary first step in the process. You can begin your trainging right now - today! Just go to the PADI website, and enroll in their eLearning program. The cost of the basic, or Open Water certification course is US $120
Once you have signed up for the eLearning portion of your certification program, the next step is to contact one of our local dive shops to arrange for the check-out dives you will need. One of the best dive shops in the state is the Maine Divers Scuba Center in Portland. Go to their website, and they can get you started on your certification right away!
There are several dive shops listed on our Links page that can help you get certified right here in Maine!

If you already have your Open Water certification, and would like to explore more challenging dives, and dive environments, then you should consider going for your Advanced Open Water certification. A whole world of wreck diving, cave diving, deep water diving, night diving and more await you!
You should also visit Dive Training Magazine, a fantastic resource for those new to diving, those going through additional dive training, and those that teach diving to others.

I am currently working on my Advanced Open Water certification myself. If you want, you can follow along while I take my 5 check-out dives.




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